Erectile Dysfunction Myths and Facts
Erectile Dysfunction Myths and Facts

Erectile Dysfunction Myths and Facts

We all know that erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a common sexual disorder in males. Thus, people will likely have many misconceptions regarding this sexual health disorder. Some would be related to how it happens while others encompass its treatment.

In this blog, we’ll discuss a few of the many myths that may bother any male diagnosed with impotence. Let’s begin.

Myth: Only men aged above 70 can suffer from impotence

Fact: Any adult male can experience the symptoms of impotence

By the time you’re reading this, you’ve busted the biggest myth regarding this sexual disorder. Most men think that they can never get the symptoms of impotence during their 30s or 50s. It only happens to men above 60s or 70s. This isn’t true at all!

Erectile dysfunction happens due to many reasons. Some are physically concerned while others are linked to psychological health issues. For instance, a male in his 30s suffering from depression and anxiety may have symptoms of ED. In another case, men during their 60s can have impotence due to cardiovascular disease.

In short, the reason could differ but the occurrence of this disease is possible at any age.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is just a product of your thoughts

Fact: Erectile dysfunction is real & common sexual disorder

ED can never be the product of your thoughts. It can be temporary or permanent. This depends on the cause of ED. For instance, if a man experiences impotence due to some ongoing medications then the symptoms can disappear once he discontinues those pills.

You should know the cause of impotence and it’ll be easier to tackle the disorder.

Myth: Impotence means something is wrong with your penis

Fact: Impotence is not related to the penis but insufficient blood flow that reaches penis

In most cases, men suffering from impotence experience poor blood circulation in the male genitals. Hence, softer erections appear which is termed erectile dysfunction. This doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your penis. You’re unable to gain desired hardness due to a lack of blood flow in the genital region. This is the reason why men are prescribed ED medicines. They boost blood circulation in the penis and allow men to gain & keep desired hardness.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction can never be treated

Fact: You can easily combat symptoms of ED with oral medicines

Though this sexual disorder doesn’t have any permanent cure, it can still be treated. In other words, the symptoms can be minimized by boosting blood toward the penis. Oral remedies like Cenforce, Kamagra, Fildena, Suhagra, Malegra, etc are easily available upon prescription. You get these medicines in varied dosage strengths that are prescribed according to your health conditions.

So, being diagnosed with impotence doesn’t mean you can never have sex thereafter. You can still hope for good and enjoy sex normally with the help of ED medicines.

Final Lines

ED is more common than you think. This sexual disorder can be treated with prescription medicines. So, don’t trust any myth explained by anyone as true. Have faith and start treatment with an ED pill. Things will fall into place soon.


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