DoublePills simply offers the best user experience for you to make shopping pills online a pleasant experience through multiple discounts and cashback offers.

Yes, most of the pills that you see on the DoublePills portal need you to buy them with a prescription. You need to upload a scanned copy of the original version of your prescription.

Please open our store. Then login or without login you place order. Select the product or put name in search button and choose the product. After choose the product, you go for quantity or pack. Select your pack and enter into shopping cart. After adding cart please select cart and put your full details like name, address, pin code, country, and your contact number. Then go for payment & finally you got your order number.

Please select the product & choose the other product and compare both product and choose finally which one you want.

Approx. 10 to 12 business days for USA, UK & other country. Some other country like Australia & other it take only 5 to 8 business days. In those days both delivery time take a long period because of covid-19 pandemic. If you not receive your product on your time period then we will arrange a new package or reship only for you.

Please select the order number & mail at our support mail or customer care. Ask for cancelled order and also ask for refund your amount. Your order will not be cancelled after 2 days of placing order.

DoublePills offers a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. If you receive an order that is damaged in any way, or if you don’t receive your order at all, we will ship you another package. If you would rather us give a refund, we will refund your entire amount at your request. For this process, we will ask to wait 30 days from when the order had been shipped. If within the 30 days, you still have no received the order, or even if you haven’t seen any notifications that your order was returned or on hold, we kindly ask you to send us a support ticket in our refund section. We will take care of any support tickets in a timely manner. Our customers are our top priority.

When you place order, your personal information is encrypted using SSL encryption technology before being sent over the internet, your credit card information is always stored in encrypted form in a database that is away from our web site database so it isn’t connected to the internet, and is therefore safe.

DoublePills offers you full confidentiality and an anonymous experience for buying pills as it does not share your personal or payment transaction details with anyone.