Impotence & Its Effects On Sexual Desire
Impotence & its effects on Sexual Desire

Impotence & Its Effects On Sexual Desire

Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain erections. It hinders the ability of men to enjoy sexual activity. ED can affect men regardless of their age. Moreover, one-quarter of men experience impotence below the age of 40 years. This rate increases as men age.

As time passes by, men may experience a decline in sexual desire too. It could be because of impotence. Should we assume that impotence and sexual desire are connected?

What Causes ED in Males?

Understanding erectile dysfunction is as important as learning about erections. ED could be a complex process when you’re unaware of what this sexual dysfunction is. It can be triggered by several sequences that come together as impotence. For instance, you may have cardiovascular disease, kidney or liver disease, diabetes, obesity, etc as a major health issue. Such health issues escalate the symptoms of impotence.

In other cases, psychological causes like stress, anxiety, depression, etc play a key role. Men may experience performance anxiety which keeps them from gaining & keeping desired hardness. This starts impacting other aspects of life too (job and relationship).

Many times, bad relationship experiences can stop you from having sexual pleasure with your partner.

One of the most important aspects is to consult the doctor and find out the underlying issue. When discovered, it becomes easier to manage the symptoms of impotence. Also, oral medicines like Fildena, Kamagra, Malegra, Big Fun, Vidalista, etc can be helpful. They get men into action within 30 minutes and can make them last for around 5 hours.

Do ED and Sexual Desire Mean the Same Thing?

No, impotence and sexual desire are two different things. Sexual desire is the willingness for mating or makes love to your partner. You may have sexual desires even if you don’t have a partner. However, sexual desire is often termed sexual libido. If someone says that they have poor libido means they have a poor ability for sexual performance. For such cases, ED medicines can be helpful too.

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The Libido Cycle

Sexual arousal is a cycle and it can be easily interrupted. Such interruptions are themselves a contributing factor whether it is for poor libido or impotence. Impotence can cause poor libido in males and vice versa can happen too. Often, it is difficult to break the cycle.

Normally, the feelings of anxiety brew up, and confidence breaks when you’re unable to perform well in bed. It’s unbelievable how a single experience can shake confidence in males. Worries start showing up that such an experience can happen in the future too.

How to Break the Cycle?

The only way for breaking the cycle of low libido or impotence is to find out the underlying cause and act accordingly. Your doctor can help you in finding an effective solution. If required, you may be suggested to conduct tests. In other cases, you can ask them for sex drive booster pills. They’re often the easiest, most highly-effective & affordable ways for treating both – ED and poor libido issues.

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