Is There A Link Between Sleeplessness And Erectile Dysfunction?
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Is There A Link Between Sleeplessness And Erectile Dysfunction?

Do you have a hectic work schedule? Is it often difficult for you to perform sexual intercourse with firm erections? You’ll likely link this physical sign with erectile dysfunction (ED).

ED is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions among young and old males. Surprisingly, it is no more a sexual health disorder for elderly males. Though it is more common as men age, it doesn’t spare younger males in their 30s too.

This faster-running life often leaves most of us with several physical and psychological health issues. Such health problems gradually start interfering with physical and mental health. One such problem is sleeplessness. But, does lack of sleep make you impotent? Let’s find out. We’ll first discuss how lack of sleep takes a toll on your physical health.

The Importance of Sleep in Every Human’s Life

Sleep is a basic human need and it is extremely important to maintain a good sleep regime. If you compromise on sleep for any damn life activity then you’re endangering your life. This isn’t for days when you’re feeling lazy to get out of bed. But you should prioritize sleep. As you slip into sleeping mode, your body gets the rest it deserves and you’re all charged up after waking up.

With this said, recent research states that insufficient sleep, disrupted sleep, and any other kind of sexual disorders have negative effects on human health. The negative impacts also include sexual dysfunctions. You may find patients with urological disorders and impotence generally have sleep disorders that escalate their poor medical health conditions.

This calls for prioritizing sound sleep if you want to improve your sexual health. However, there is no guarantee that your impotence problem will be solved if you start sleeping timely.

How Sleeplessness Affects Your Sex Drive?

A sleep-deprived individual is less likely to engage in sexual activity with the mood that is expected. You’ll always have to choose between sleep and intimacy. Also, the mental load of sleeplessness is hard to carry. The mood swings are high on the tide and you lose self-control to fights and problems in relationships. Sexual satisfaction is at bay!

On the contrary, if sleep disorders are a part of routines, then they must be using sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can make the condition worse. Moreover, they’re the contradicting medications of oral treatments for impotence. In short, if you’re taking sleeping aid medicines then you may not be able to use erectile dysfunction medications.

What Is The Solution Then?

The only solution is to consult your healthcare provider and discuss your sleeplessness issues. They’ll try to find out the underlying cause so that you can treat both – lack of sleep and impotence together. Meanwhile, you’ll also receive guidance on how to use sleeping pills and impotence medicines without experiencing adverse effects.

If you want to buy prescription ED medicines like Kamagra, Big Fun, Fildena 200Mg, Suhagra, Malegra, Duratia 30 Mg, etc then go on! They’re the best oral remedies that’ll minimize the symptoms of impotence. At least, you can impress your partner without any side effects and make love as they always desire.


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