What To Do If I Have Erectile Dysfunction And I Am Only 30 Years Old?
What To Do If I Have Erectile Dysfunction And I Am Only 30 Years Old?

What To Do If I Have Erectile Dysfunction And I Am Only 30 Years Old?

Erectile Dysfunction might be the most sensitive for men affected by the condition, especially if the person is under 30 years. The social stigma and awkwardness related to this condition can decrease confidence and can be a barrier to talking about ED. Many young men might also feel that it is impossible to be affected by this condition. However, about 20% of men in their 20s and 30% of men in their 30s have mild symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, all doctors are prepared to consult with patients and diagnose all physical and psychological causes of ED. Patients can anytime make an appointment with a urologist to talk about their signs and symptoms. As you consult with your doctor you will feel comfortable discussing this subject matter.

The 3 Components Of Normal Male Sexual Function Are:

  • Interest in and preference for sexual activity
  • Ability to get and hold an erection
  • Ability to ejaculate and climax

The most common form of sexual problem in men is the inability to keep an erection but other problems like low sex drive and premature ejaculation can also be a problem. Physical reasons are usually observed in older men but in younger men the most common cause for erectile dysfunction is psychological.

Usually, the signs and symptoms of erectile disorder in men in their 20s and 30s are commonly due to mental or emotional reasons, which occur as overall performance tension. Young men in their 20s may also suffer from performance anxiety during sex which is mainly attributed to having a new partner, increased life stresses, and untreated anxiety and depression. These are all psychological reasons for men in their 30s to suffer from ED.

For young men suffering from ED for psychological reasons, tablets like Cenforce 100, Vidalista 20, or Malegra may not work well. They will have to develop proper coping mechanisms, talk to friends and family for support, see a therapist, and take medication to treat psychological problems and ultimately treat ED.

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