Cenforce 130 Mg

Cenforce 130 Mg


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ManufacturerCenturion Laboratories
Strength130 Mg
GenericSildenafil Citrate
Pack SizePricePrice Per UnitQuantityAdd To Cart
90 Tablet/s$72$0.80
120 Tablet/s$94$0.78
150 Tablet/s$114$0.76
300 Tablet/s$213$0.71

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Cenforce 130 is a recommended drug for the treatment of ED. It is meant to increase sexual performance. Sexual dysfunctional problems can have an excruciatingly prominent dent in a man’s life and if not looked after properly, they can actually worsen. Cenforce 130 with its active sildenafil citrate formulation can help a man facing this grim situation and can support him to lead a contented and satiated life.

This drug starts to kick in within 30 minutes of intake and its effect can last for about 5 hours which is quite appreciable. Sildenafil is involved in the cGMP cycle and inhibits the PDE-5 enzyme which is crucial for uninterrupted sexual arousal. Its mechanism of loosening up the muscles and vessels of external genitalia helps to achieve a firm erection. As a precautionary measure, products like alcohol, caffeine, and grape juice should be avoided so as to maximize the effect of this drug. Cenforce 130 interacts with several drugs so discuss all your medications with a pharmacist or doctor first before intake of the medicine. Side effects, though not so intimidating, may arise temporarily as every drug comes with its share of side effects. Still, if any of the conditions get extreme or out of control, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

Cenforce 130 is one the most dependable, safe, and successful medicine used to tackle dysfunctional problems like ED.

Additional Information


Centurion Laboratories

Pharma Form



130 Mg


Erectile dysfunction


Sildenafil Citrate

Pack Size

120 Tablet/s, 150 Tablet/s, 300 tablet/s, 90 Tablet/s


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